........Luch is




in Ireland and, to be more precise, in Westcork at the moment here. Luch gets about, he is here and there, but sometimes somewhere else. You can mostly see where he is, and you can see and witness whatever he sees and experiences. He is a guest of pictic on twitter and facebook, but at home he is at share-iDea.



You can communicate with Luch. You can make comments. You can criticise him. You can discuss with him and about him.You can tell him something about yourself or about things or places you are (in the BLOG at ) with Skype in the Chat My status or direkt here and again through and at share-iDea (just register there). Show him your places in google map. You have access to Luch's world and can help create it at Luch-prezi. You may even create your own page at  Luch wiki. There and at share-idea you can get connected with, talk to and discuss with everybody else from Luch's world.